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At Checkonchain, our goal is to become your Bitcoin personal trainer, and our mission is to help you prepare for, and successfully navigate the volatility of the Bitcoin market. We believe that a solid understanding of why markets move the way they do helps us plan ahead, and make better decisions with confidence.

We approach our analysis from a unique perspective grounded in Bitcoin’s onchain data. We have over six years experience working and educating in the field, and have a track record of pioneering many of the metrics, tools and frameworks onchain analysts use today.

Our newsletter provides straightforward insights analysis in written and video format, and is tailored for new investors, seasoned finance professionals, and on-chain analytics enthusiasts alike.

What do you get when you subscribe?

Our newsletter service has three tiers:

  1. Free where you will get access to a brief written and video highlight covering the key problems, metrics and indicators we’re paying attention to each week.

  2. Paid where you will get access to the full depth of our analysis (written and video), our interpretation, and our opinions twice per week. We will also do regular Q&A sessions to address comments our paid users send via our substack posts.

  3. Founding Members will get everything in our paid subscription, as well as an exclusive monthly report to start off, aimed at keeping you ahead of the game. As we are early in the journey of launching Checkonchain, we greatly appreciate the support of our Founding members, and rest assured, we will look after you in due course.

We have a few content lines and styles which we use each week:

  • Market Updates - James provides his analysis and assessment of the Bitcoin market using all data types he has his eye on.

  • Check ins - James dives into his personal opinion about the market, and how he is thinking about things moving forwards.

  • Masterclass - James explores the fundamental mechanics of onchain tools and metrics, to help build up the familiarity of our subscribers with our frameworks.

Our Principles

Bitcoin markets are volatile, and that volatility creates uncertainty. Our goal at checkonchain is to help our subscribers understand why the Bitcoin market moves the way it does, so we can all be better prepared for when it does. It is important to outline some of the principles we work to, so subscribers can be clear what we offer.

  • We always operate with honesty and integrity as a primary driver. We write about what we see and feel, and share our opinions as we see it.

  • We cannot predict the future, but we can prepare for it, as best as possible, with the information at hand.

  • We do not provide trading signals, and intra-day calls of any form. Instead, we assess market conditions on a week, to month, to yearly timeframe, looking for shifts in the macro trends.

  • We do not seek to spot exact pico-tops, nor pico-bottoms. We believe that nobody can pick those reliably, and in our opinion, it is a fools errand and a time sink trying to do this.

In many ways, our analysis style can be described as a balance between James Check the Analyst focusing on providing value for James Check HODLer. Check the Analyst thinks, writes, and records videos to keep Check the HODLer (and our subscribers) on his surfboard for as long as possible, despite all the waves trying to knock us off.

About James Check

James started his career as a civil (geotechnical) engineer, specialising in the design of tunnels, basements, foundations, and mines. He melds his unique experience working with big data, uncertainty, probabilities, and engineering design, with his fascination and passion for finance, markets, and of course, Bitcoin.

He was one of the earliest pioneers in the discipline of Bitcoin onchain analysis, inventing new metrics, analysis frameworks, and educational content since 2019. He built and led the analyst team at Glassnode in 2021-24, and was the principle editor, author, and producer of the industry leading The Week On-chain newsletter and video series. He also co-authored the Cointime Economics framework alongside David Puell (ARK Invest), and has delivered keynote talks at several industry conferences, webinars and events.

James is considered by many in the field as a top expert in the analysis of Bitcoin onchain data. He employs a novel blend of data interpretation, and a deep understanding of of investor psychology to assess Bitcoin market conditions.

Some words from our friends

Join us, and learn how to navigate the Bitcoin market like you’ve done it before.

DISCLAIMER: Despite mankind's best efforts, none of us can predict the future, and events which have come before are in no way an indication of what may come next. All methods and concepts presented in this series are general in nature, and shall be taken as educational, informational, and for entertainment purposes only. Nothing shall be interpreted or considered as any form of financial or investment advice of any kind. The viewer and reader is solely responsible for their own decisions.

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Ex-civil engineer, turned Bitcoin analyst after falling down the onchain analysis rabbit hole. I am the co-founder of checkonchain, and previously built and led the analyst team at glassnode, with over six years experience in the discipline.